Letters to & from Santa

Be sure to list what you want in order of most important.

Be sure to tell Santa what you got last year and if you liked what you received.

Tell me the name of your Elf (you know, the one that sits on that shelf!).

Be sure to tell Santa why you have been good all year.

When you finish your letter, let Mom or Dad take care of sending your letter, Santa wants to make sure it gets to the North Pole all right, Thanks.

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas wish list:
My Elf’s name is:
Why I have been good all year:

For Parents:

Option #1: Email response $4.95 per child. Qty.
Option #2: US Postal Service response (letter) $8.95 per child. Qty.
Child(ren)s name(s) & age(s):
Interesting Information you would like Santa to know about each child:
Primary gift each child wants for Christmas this year:
Last year gift(s) from Santa:
Other general information you would like to share:
Return letters via email or USPS will be sent only when payment arrangements are complete and approved with credit card transaction.
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