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PLEASE NOTE! Photographs will be responsibility of host and or guests; Santa will pose with individuals or groups as long as Santa is in attendance. Pets are permitted, however if pet shows signs of stress or hostility, please take charge and do not force pet to be in uncomfortable situations.
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The Authentic Santa 2012 Rate Schedule

Regular Published Rate

$150.00 Minimum ½ (.5) Hour.

$175.00 Per Hour

$262.50 1 ½  (1.5) Hours

$350.00 2 (2.0) Hours

$80.00 Per each additional ½ (.5) Hour schedule permitting

$250.00 Per ½ (.5) Hour Rate (Firm)  -  Christmas eve. (Limited schedule)

$300.00 Per ½ (.5) Hour Rate (Firm)  -  Christmas morning (Limited schedule)

Guaranteed Contract Rate

Negotiable rate based on frequency, hours and activity.

Philanthropic and charitable Rates


Customized and personalized Return Letter to child

Email response $4.95 each. (Dec. 23rd deadline)
U S Postal Service response $8.95 each.  (Dec. 20th deadline)

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